Only a few more months until the federal election! It is time for us to do our utmost for a fair and tolerant future.
Our goal is Kleiner Fünf – together we stand against right wing populism. Support us!

Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf
You are the 2219 signatory for an open and fair Germany.

It is our choice!

In September 2017 the German people vote for our future: We want to live in a country, in which diversity is part of our wealth. In a country, in which people build bridges instead of walls. In a country, in which we treat each other with respect and in which we support one another. There is confidence in this country – we campaign in unity for justice and freedom.
The next election is a crucial one. All over the world right wing populists play politics on the basis of fear. With their misanthropic positions they become more and more impactful, also in Germany. For us, that is a threat for our democracy and our lifestyle. We do not accept this any longer.

We must act now!

We can prevent that right wing populist parties will enter the Bundestag, which would enable them to attack our democracy from the parliament. For this reason, our goal is: Kleiner Fünf (less than five), as when a party gains less than five per cent of the votes and no direct mandate, it will not get any seats in the parliament.
We only have a couple of months until the election. We want to use this time to beard right wing populist parties in a resolute but rational and radically polite manner. Together with you and many other people. For this purpose, we develop tools and forms of action. Everyone is welcome to join: In conversations with you neighbor or in the subway, or in social media. We connect you with initiatives and projects against right wing populism everywhere in Germany. Be part of it!

Sign up if you are ready to stand up for an open and fair Germany. Time is short, but together with you we can reach our goal: Kleiner Fünf!

This pledge is the basis of our initiative. With your signature you indicate that you share our position against right-wing populism. The more people sign the pledge, the clearer it becomes that “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf” is supported by many: We are legion! Your name will not be published, and we only use your data to keep you updated about the campaign. You can find more information here: Privacy Policy.


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