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Do you have a bad feeling with regard to the political future of Germany and Europe? Become part of our movement and convert your sorrows into determined action. “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf” provides you with plenty opportunities to become active.

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Show your colors for a country without right wing populism. Sign our pledge and stand up for freedom, diversity, and tolerance. Let other people know that blunt slogans and simplifying answers to complex issues do not help our society, and share our pledge.

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You want to conduct a project or action for tolerance, openness or against right wing populism in view of the German federal election 2017? We can connect you with experienced cooperation partners and support you with guidelines, mobilization material and creative ideas for openness, tolerance and democracy.

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Are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels your world? Are you an experienced writer of emails and web publications? Are you motivated to inform interested people with blog posts about the federal election? Then start writing now and share “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf” on all channels.

Talk with us

Do you want to get engaged but you do not know how? Do not be afraid and send us a message now. We can help you prepare for discussions and offer you projects and initiatives against right wing populism.

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Are you good at connecting people? Do you like discussions between people with different opinions? Then organize events as part of our campaign. Panel discussions, workshops and many more formats are possible. Would you rather be part of the discussion and persuade people of our positions? There are ways to organize events for everyone! 

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