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Our guidelines help you discuss with right-wing populists while keeping a cool head and using compelling arguments. Together, we can find the best response, let’s start!


Conversations  with right-wing populists? Yes! But how? We provide you with some tips for fact-bound conversations that do not lead to finger-pointing and provocation. We stay radically polite!


das Wort Caution auf einem zerkratzten, roten HintergrundRight-wing populism: Quite common and quite dangerous at the same time
Together against right-wing populism. But what do we actually mean when we say right-wing populism? What’s so dangerous about it? And why should we actually care?


Right-wing populist slogans and claims jeopardize our fundamental and human rights. Therefore, we have to become active and defend our Grundgesetz - the German constitution. These guidelines help you with this task!


The education policies proposed by AfD and other right-wing populist parties are quite common within our society. They even jeopardize equality and justice in Germany. We do accept this, which is why we provide you with compelling arguments against right-wing populist slogans. 
Unfortunately, we can provide the guidelines only in German so far. You want to help us translate our content? Write us here

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Leitfaden_1.pdfDein Gegenüber findet: "So manches stimmt was die AfD sagt"
Gesprächsleitfaden_2.pdfDein Gegenüber formuliert Aussagen wie: „Raus mit dem Asylanten-Pack!“
Gesprächsleitfaden_3.pdfDein Gegenüber findet: „Die AfD sagt endlich das über den Islam, was gesagt werden muss.“

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