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“Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf”, what is is actually about? Who is behind the campaign and how do we aim to reach our goal?

On this page we are collecting questions which we are frequently asked so that we can find answers for a better future together.

What does “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf” mean?

“Unser Ziel: Kleiner” is the name of our campaign. Translated to English it means “Our goal: Less than Five”. In Germany, a party needs at least five percent of the votes in a federal election to get seats in the parliament. Since our goal is it that no right wing populist party enters the Bundestag in the next election, this is our name.

Why does the campaign “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf” exist at all?

The rising impact of right wing populism has become more and more noticeable in polls, in state elections, in the media and social media, as well as in our everyday lives. We believe that this process is a serious threat to our democratic society. Since the previous federal election in 2013 both the tone of the debate and political opinions have exacerbated dramatically. Alarmingly, right wing slogans and arguments without any fact checking have become accepted.

What is the goal of the campaign?

We want to become active together with you: For democracy, diverse opinions, and and a respectful communication within our society. We want to shape our future together with you. We want to prevent right wing populist parties from entering the Bundestag, which would enable them to attack our democracy from the parliament. That is why our goal is: Kleiner Fünf (less than five), as when a party gains less than five per cent of the votes and no direct mandate, it will not get any seats in the German parliament.

Who is behind the campaign “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf”?

We are a group of predominately young people, who have come together to react to political developments: We are restless, because all over the world right wing populists have taken democracies into a stranglehold. Therefore, great achievements of our democratic society are in danger. But we want to conserve and defend these achievements of our open society. Here, you can find more information about our team.

How do you define right wing populism?

Right wing populists present themselves as the “only true” representatives of the people.

They claim to speak on behalf of “the people” and present themselves as a suppressed, powerless majority. In doing so, they construct a polarity between “the people” and “the elite”. That is also why they understand members of other parties, established media as well as large parts of the cultural scene as their opponents.

Migrants, Muslims, homosexuals and transgender people are part of their enemy image.

Right wing populists derive their claim to power from the questioning of the idea of minority rights. At the same time, their propaganda against minorities forms the basis for acts of violence.

Right wing populism fuels fears of change. However, nothing would change our world more radically or unpredictably than another election win for right wing populists.

For us, the right wing rhetoric against pluralism and freedom is a major threat. Right wing populists frame their positions as democratic whereas their goals actually are highly undemocratic.

Do you want to reach your goal by all available means?

We work with all one’s strength but not by all available means.

We argue peacefully and inclusively for a further opening up of our society and a pluralist and democratic coexistence. You can find more information on our basic principles here.

What is your strategy?

Based on our basic principles we will start many initiatives and actions that help us reach our goal: Kleiner Fünf. We provide arguments, tools and techniques for you to apply in discussions, so that you can engage in debates on social media and become active in the run-up to the election. Everyone can join, be it with small or with large efforts. Furthermore, we are the contact point for your own initiatives in order to increase their visibility all over the country.

Do you really believe that your goal is achievable?

Yes, but only if we work together. Join now and sign our pledge!

With whom are you working?

It is our goal that no right wing populist party enters the Bundestag. We are working together with groups that share this goal and our principles of nonviolence and democracy. Are you interested in cooperating with us or do you know a group, that could be interested in working with us? Please, send us a message!

What about the state elections?

As a national campaign we focus on the federal election in 2017. However, the state elections do matter as well of course! In the run-up to the state elections we will start special initiatives and support regional groups with their work. Do you want to get engaged on the ground? Just send us a message and we will find a project that suits you!

How do you fund the campaign?

The majority of our work is based on volunteering. Donations and aid money help us fund our technical infrastructure and coordination positions. Before the campaign started, we received 9,000 Euros from private donors and 15,000 Euros from the Bewegungsstiftung. We do not accept state funding or donations from political parties. If you are willing to support us actively, you can donate here.

What is “Tadel verpflichtet! e.V.”?

The recently founded association “Tadel verpflichtet! e.V.” has been the organization behind the campaign “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf” since October 2016. The association provides the legal frame of the campaign. The board members are part of the leading team of the campaign. In order to enable donors to set donations off against tax liability we seek a non-profit status.

Can I set off donations against tax liability?

No, not yet. The association “Tadel verpflichtet” e.V.” seeks a non-profit status. However, we are still waiting for a response from the tax authority.

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