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The campaign “Unser Ziel: Kleiner Fünf” works against the entry of right wing populist parties into the Bundestag. With all one’s strength but not by all available means. We are committed to our basic principles and want to convince our discussion partners with the better arguments.

For a diverse and democratic coexistence on the basis of our constitution

The German constitution – the Grundgesetz – with its inalienable basic rights like freedom of press, freedom of opinion, and religious freedom.
The liberalization of the society since the 1970s.
The peaceful and liberal revolution in East Germany in 1989.
The European integration.

These achievements are motivation and obligation at the same time to fight peacefully and inclusively for an ongoing social opening and a pluralist, democratic coexistence.

Opposing right wing populist parties and positions

The success of right wing populist parties, manifested not only in polls but also in state elections, in the media, and in our everyday lives, is a serious threat to our democratic society.

Our campaign focuses on right wing populist and extremist parties and movements and not on single sympathizers or party members. We also do not target the private lives and lifestyles of right wing party leaders. Instead we make their positions and opinions a subject of discussion.

Enabling the majority together

We know that there are many people out there who feel the need to engage against right wing populism but do not know how. Therefore, our primary audience are all people who do not agree on the positions of right wing populist parties. We want to offer those people concrete options for action in order to become active in a target-oriented way.
Together, we aim to reach our secondary audience, those who vote for right wing populists or do not vote at all out of protest or disappointment.

A serious and honest way to treat each other

With our campaign we aim to convince as many people as possible to become active against right wing populism. Indeed, our approach is part of a long-term process in society. We are aware that we cannot cover all parts of this complex issue.
We feel obliged to the principle to treat both our partners and supporters as well as our opponents with honesty, sincerity and radical politeness.
We want to harness synergies instead of creating competition. We face right wing populist statements with arguments and use our own resources carefully.
 More information on our basic principles can be found in our consensus of action. 

Can you see yourself as part of Kleiner Fünf and working together with us? More information on how to get involved can be found here.


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